Cape York, Four Wheel drive adventure to the northernmost point of Australia – Week 28

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Yay! We did it! After catching up with Alex, Caity and their awesome bunch of friends, we headed north from Cairns to “the Tip”. Along the old telegraph track we went, one of Australia’s most iconic and allegedly difficult four wheel drive tracks.
Now, this track is apparently extremely tricky and a great four wheel drive adventure, we had very little trouble. This might be due to our collected experience, our copious amount of common sense and patience or simply our freakishly good looks, but no car got damaged, we lost one licence plate and won a few grey hairs during the deeper water crossings but all in all, this was a highlight of my trip so far.

Having a bunch of people that all like four wheel driving, know what they’re doing and are able to help each other out makes a world of a difference.
But enough words,here are some of my favourite picture


Whats the old telegraph track?

Basically the leftovers of the original telegraph track that was used to connect Cairns with Thursday Islands. Morse Code was used to communicate from 1880ish until 1962 when microwave towers replaced the telegraph line.

Back in the days the mailman for Cape York used this old track to deliver the mail across the Cape, this was a six week round trip by horseback.

Today the Old telly track is used mainly by four wheel drive vehicles, regular cars can use the gravel road that leads along the track.

There are plans to have the entire road up to the tip covered in bitumen by 2020, some say it will make the roads safer but also have detrimental impact to the region due to increased tourist traffic.