When I messaged my friends Al&Jen in Darwin to see if they’d be around when I am in town Jen asked, “Will you be here for Territory Day?”. I had no clue what that was, a quick internet search helped me answer her question – FIREWORKS AND BOOZE IN THE DRY SEASON (What could possibly go wrong..) so my answer was “Yes yes and double yes!”.

Apart from pictures that don’t exactly do the fun we had justice here’s also a bit of history on what it’s all about:

  • The NT used to be part of South Australia
  • Territory Day celebrates the Northern Territories move to self-government from 1974, to be realized in 1978
  • The first Territory Day was celebrated on July 1, 1978 with around 6000 Territorians at the Cenotaph in Darwin
  • Fireworks were first introduced in 1980

In 2014 the NT Government consulted Territorians about the future of Territory Day. There were and still remain strong views on both sides of the private fireworks debate, but many Territorians love being the only Australians to still enjoy the privilege. (source)