Gibb River Road kick off. Troopy Adventure Time, Crocodiles and Windjana Gorge in Week 20

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Little did I know that writing a travel blog is actually hard work. Taking pictures, notes, formatting pics, uploading, downloading, typing… hard to have any actual traveling left at the end of the day, I tell ya! So with the car in the workshop and close to another 20 pineapples down the drain, I have some time on my hands to update the blog and share a few pictures (if you’re not Australian, you have to do some googling on the pineapple part).

Track up to Mt Hart

So, the GIBB RIVER ROAD. What a crazy patch of land. To be honest with you (I’m always honest, honest), I expected it to be a lot worse. After having done a few 4WD tracks in the Victorian high country, one particular crazy trip on the Parmango Road in 2015 near Esperance and the Dampier Peninsula I expected “the Gibb” to be tougher.

Hula Sharon did not survive the drive, just like the handbrake and one rotor

Not to say I wasn’t positively surprised, the corrugations were still a pain and the seats in the Troopy are prone to cause some long-term damage to your body when spending too much time in them I suspect.

Aaaaanyway, here are some pictures with a few stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the experience in these first few days (more to follow!).


This was only the first two days, into the Gibb River Road and Tunnel Creek. Here are another two days and then I’ll save the rest for a later post.

This was Windjana Gorge, absolutely beautiful! And a short trip to Mount Hart. We didn’t stay there, just drove in, had a look around, quick dip and kept driving on, so much more to see!