How beautiful is Tasmania? And here’s Week 2!

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I survived the man flu ! And then we left Launceston and had an amazing time in Tasmania! We also managed to find a pic of our seal buddy above and thought you’d like to have a laugh.

So, TASMANIA! This Australian island state is truly wonderful. The state is named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who made the first reported European sighting of the island on 24 November 1642. It’s roughly the size of Ireland, if you haven’t been to Ireland, this information doesn’t help you, sorry.

Tasmania’s “Last of the Aboriginals”, she looks so pissed off because she has every right to be

It was also colonized by the Brits, they arrived and swiftly went on to wipe out several thousand aboriginal Tasmanians in very grim ways. One story in particular, of Truganini, was especially saddening. Not so wonderful after all.

Ok, this got dark pretty quickly, but I’d rather mention it, than pretend it’s been always unicorns and rainbows over here. Now you know. Let’s move on.



We only booked ouselves in for 3 weeks and thought we’d get bored quickly. We were wrong! Beyond every corner is something new to discover here in Tassie (apart from more grim stories). As mentioned in Week 1 we started off with the Bay of Fires. From here we went to Derby, via the Little Blue Lake.

Further on to a hike where we got completely lost. We backtracked and evaded being on the news as your classic German backpacker disaster story.. Ralph Falls are allegedly the most beautiful waterfalls in Tasmania, maybe only beaten by Russel Falls which we plan to see in the next week.

Freycinet National Park

We ventured on towards Freycinet National Park. It’s a magical place to watch the sunrise, go for a hike and explore wine glass bay. Oh and to be a feast for mosquitos, so you better come prepared.

On the way back we took a quick detour to Bluestone Bay, a beautiful spot you can only get to with a 4WD like ours or a regular car that you really hate and / or want to damage badly.


Are we there yet?

Now you probably think “wow, what a week!”, well, that was just Sunday to Tuesday…

We stayed for a few days at Alex & Jo’s place near Castle Forbes Bay, thanks a bunch for having us. We had an amazing dinner and Lydia raided Alex’s wine cellar (she regretted it the next day, ha!) 😉

I also got some exercise in by helping Alex splitting wooden logs. I have no idea how he manages this by himself and I am truly impressed!

Here’s a quick look into the next three days and then I’ll probably just put another post up later because it’s simply just too much for one big post and I’m on holidays after all, so I can do that right? Right! Enjoy! M