Hi Mum, hi friends! We’re off!

The first week was, to be absolutely honest with you very very nightmarish. The ferry ride over on the Spirit of Tasmania was nice and calm.

But then I decided to import the flu with me from our trip to Germany. With 39.2 degrees fever, Lydia took me to a hospital and I got some emergency meds. So the first week was very slow going.

The great thing is, when you arrive at a hospital and have just been on an international flight, they put you on a fast track. The good news – it wasn’t SARS or similar, the bad news, it was a terrible case of man flu, 10 days the Doc said..

To recover we spent the better half of the first week in Launceston at Old Mac’s Farm (E-I-E-I-O-cough-cough-wheeze..) until I was able to travel again. Once able to travel we met up with Matt, another troopy driving Legend. We met up at Myrtle Park, just a tad bit north of Launceston.

After a few days here we went on to the East. We explored the Bay of Fires and parts of the Great Eastern Drive. If you come to Tasmania, DEFINITELY go see the Bay of Fires. Blue water, white sand beaches and the colours are just amazing!

WOW! That was only week one. Next week my birthday is coming up, we’re visiting some of Lydia’s friends in Castle Forbes Bay and will explore some caves in the South and and and… 🙂