Happy anniversary troopy date

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This week marks our anniversary when Lydia and I met for the first time! We decided to treat ourselves and Das Troopie to a movie night.

It was a bit chilly, so we packed up a few cushions, sleeping bag, and snacks, of course.

The Village cinema in Melbourne’s suburb Coburg is one of only three left in Victoria. It was first opened in 1965 and has three screens, with a capacity for around 850 people. The sound used to be available through speakers you’d hang on your window, nowadays you just tune into a radio frequency and adjust the volume.

What about food & drinks?

There’s a diner that serves popcorn and your usual cinematic snacks but if that isn’t your thing they also let you order delivery to the entrance. Just make sure you plan your pizza delivery on time. Our delivery was running late and I had to sprint to collect it during the first 20 minutes, sporty. Oh, you can also bring drinks, just be sensible if you have to drive home after the movie 🙂

Once it gets dark the screen is awesome! (also, credit roll)
Once it gets dark the screen is awesome! (also, credit roll)

Would I recommend this?

YES! This was my first time EVER in a drive-in cinema. I almost wished I would have done this much much earlier. On the other hand, I got to do this at the right time with the right person. Happy anniversary! Xx