Brighton Bathing Boxes, Melbourne

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Whilst the modification projects are progressing, Lydia reminded me, that it’s important to get out of the house and not just spend my first week off under the car, screwing around, literally.

So off we went on a quick half-day trip across Melbourne. Funny, I’ve lived here for seven years now and this is the first time I found or took the time to go.

The Brighton Beach Boxes

They are basically exactly that. Boxes or huts, right on Brighton beach, apparently some of them have been here since 1862 and one of them sold for over $250,000 this year. Anyway, they’re good for a quick wander, a few great snapshots, collecting a few shells and whilst you’re at it breathing in some salty ocean (well, bay) air.

Remember to take a breather every now and then

Go see the small stuff around. Just because “it’s always going to be there” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and see it, right? Right!

Make time for the little things, even or especially if they are “too close”.