A few more days to go

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It still feels like a lifetime away,

but then, it really is just three more weeks. After seven years of working in Australia and another seven in Germany I am finally taking a break. The first proper, longer break. At least longer than a few weeks.

This is something I have promised myself.

Well, I promised myself this: “You’ll move to Australia, work for a year, travel for a year” And yep, was seven years ago, go figure..

I’ve asked my company for a career break / sabbatical / change of scenery… you name it. Whatever you want to call it, it was time to hit the breaks, slow down and take a breather. Having a date when this will start (the 6th of October 2016) takes a lot of weight off my shoulders, there’s something to look forward to.

The plan?

The plan is to go to Germany for a few weeks, meet the family, mine and also the family of Lydia, who I met over here in Australia. Then head back, jump in the car and do the big lap around this big country. Fast forward, twelve months later I should be back where I left off, or better, hoping that the work I kicked off over the last few years has helped build something better that I can come back to and continue to grow.

Overthinking and overplanning

By now you’ve probably figured out that I am overthinking this and that dates and numbers are ruling my brain at the moment. Probably one of the reasons I want to take a break. Stop. Over. Thinking. Thanks.

Here's how crazy I went with a sample budgeting spreadsheet.. I mean, ..come on!
Here’s how crazy I went with a sample budgeting spreadsheet.. I mean ..come on!

If you’re reading this whilst preparing for your own trip, just GO!

So, off we go,

a few more weeks, days, minutes.. hey! stop with the numbers.. Ok ok.. and then you can follow us here. I plan to use this as platform for updates, thoughts, learnings and a way to stay in touch with the world on my terms.

See you along the way! Markus

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